Transcending the Limits of Reality

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Our philosophy is not to invent robots to replace us but instead enable and empower us. Our vision is to inject intelligence into assistive technology. Our journey will see us developing people-centred innovations meaningful to our everyday lives.

The beginning

DEX-Lab is grown from the aspirations of two luminary robotic scientists from National Technological University (NTU), Singapore to develop. Both Nadia & Daniel have assembled a team of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics engineers to develop “Applicable Lifestyle Robotics”, a term coined by our pioneers to represent a category of machines which focuses on the well-being of humans.

Language Communication
Facial Recognition
While our robots are constructed with the latest motors, actuators, sensors and control systems; it is the human-like behaviour that gives it the social soft-touch. Beneath the “skin”, the robots are powered by wide-ranging technologies such as natural-language communication skills, facial recognition, facial expressions & body motions that project subtle emotions and memory capacity. This seamless combination of wide-ranging technologies gives our robots the needed platform for human-machine interaction.