Robotics Technology

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Tech Features

At foundation of our solutions lies a humanlike interactive interface that makes human-machine communications indistinctive to a conversation between two human beings. This is made possible by progress made in artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing machines to behave in an intelligent way. It also allows better understanding of questions posed by human and enable answers to be formulated in an appropriate way.

With cameras affixed, our robots are sight-enabled to establish awareness of the surrounding world and will even adapt themselves to the situation and to real people. Additionally, using humanoid or human looking facades and with access to a wealth of information on the internet, human interaction with the machine feels less impersonal.

The design of our solution architecture allows ease of inter-operability. Future enhancements can be developed to ensure our robots are easily adapted to different social ecosystems.

Virtual Human
& robot based
on perception/


Depth Camera
Face Recognition
Gesture Recognition
Understanding of Situations
Emotion Recognition

Speech Recognition

Processing & Decision

AI-Based Processing

Emotion Model
Memory Model
Social Attention


VR/Robot Controller
Emotional Expression
Lip Synchronisation
Gaze Generation
Speech Synthesis Gestures
Walking & Grasping
(Humanoids Only)

Futuristic Applications

DEX-Lab Caregiver

The caregiver robot is designed to evoke a sense of wonderment and positive emotional response from residents in an elderly setting. As an edutainment hub, it keeps the residents gainfully occupied, inspired and even motivates them to participate in regular exercises.

DEX-Lab Educator

The educator robot combines both artificial intelligence, virtual representation and knowledge bases to provide an engaging interactive learning environment to its end-users. It tracks student progress and emphasise attention in areas of weaknesses to ensure improvements in all aspects of the syllabus.

DEX-Lab Concierge

The mall concierge/receptionist robot provides a convenient and uplifting customer-experience through creative use of technology to respond to queries and intuitively impart relevant information. For instance, suggestion of restaurants/cuisine based on selected criteria or choice of activities suited to your age-group and interest if you have 30 minutes to spare in the mall